Family Church Youth Group

Emily Hanson, Staff Writer

Every Sunday from six p.m. to eight p.m. Family Church in Green has youth group. Youth group is for kids from sixth to twelve grade. They meet every week and do a lot of fun activities.
They start by playing a couple games, hanging out and getting to know everyone in the group. The leaders Jason Howell, Shawnacee Howell, Drew Ketchem, Jamie Ketchem, Zach, and Jason LeFever really make youth group fell like home.
Then they do worship and Jason or Zach does a Bible lesson that is always very inspiring. Then we either do small groups where the girls and boys split up and talk about the lesson or we play more games.
There are only four rules at youth group. Number one is: No talking when the leader is talking. Number two is: No physical contact (This rule is broken a lot because we play a lot of games and some people end up throwing balls at each other or tackling each other.) Rule three is: Don’t eat like a pig. The leaders provide snacks but they don’t want to stay to clean up everyone’s mess. And the last rule is: Youth Group is safe place. (This is mostly emotionally. The leaders are always there if you need to talk. But physically, just like rule two, sometimes people get hit with a ball in the face.)
Personally I love going to youth group. It’s super fun and I love to hang out with all my friends and other believers in the lord. I would one hundred percent recommend coming.