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AJR is an electro indie-pop band made in New York City. The band was started in 2005, and consists of three brothers: Adam, Jack and Ryan. Adam is the oldest brother and plays the bass guitar and sings. Ryan is the second oldest brother and does most of the producing in the band. He plays ukulele, keys, trumpet and sings. Jack is the youngest brother and plays guitar, melodica, ukulele, percussion, sample machine and sings.
The band started out by doing covers of popular songs in Central Park and Washington Square Park. In spring of 2013, Ryan tweeted a link to their new song called “I’m Ready” to 80 celebrities. The song quickly went viral and gained a lot of popularity. The official music video wasn’t posted until October 2013.
AJR only has two albums. Their first album is called “Living Room” which was released on March 3rd, 2015. Their most recent album is called “What Everyone’s Thinking” which had only five songs and was released on September 16, 2016. It included a song called “Weak” which became very popular.
I really love this band and have already listened to every one of their songs even though I found out who they were four days ago. I think you should try listening to this band if you like electro/indie-pop music.

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