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Do you own a pet? Do you have a friend that has a pet? Chances are, at least one of these is true. 68% of all Americans own a pet. 44% of those people own a dog, and 35% own a cat. In fact, Brazil has 36 million dogs- more than Canada has People.
So pets are a very popular trend. They have been around since the dawn of mankind. Man’s best friend is also his oldest friend. Pet relationships have been around longest between dog and man. Cats came around in ancient Egypt, and both have been popular ever since. Dogs would help us hunt, work, protect villages and agriculture, and rescue people in exchange for food, water, protection, and love. Cats would clear barns of mice and rats, who ate our food, in exchange for the same rewards as dogs (Plus cat toys).
Pets have become a very important part of our culture ever since we took them in. Even in ancient Egypt, cats and dogs alike were worshiped as gods. Anubis, a dog, was the god of death. Other gods were depicted as cats, such as Bastet. Even now we almost worship dogs, cats, birds, and other pets, with memes and videos, not to mention some people treat their dogs like kings. The Doge, Gabe the dog, Grumpy cat, and Minnie & Max(the pugs) are examples of how much pets affect modern culture, too.

Grumpy Cat Meme

Doge Meme

Pets also play the role of being there for you. When you’re sad, pet your animal, or hug it, etc. cats, dogs, birds, and other pets, have been known to help with depression and anxiety. This is the reason why some hospitals have animals in them. The pet will go around and cheer people up. Especially when they are younger, they make people feel good about themselves, and cheer people up.
Pets also can be service animals. Dogs are the most popular service animal, but horses are also becoming popular, as well as ponies, because they have a longer life expectancy than that of dogs.

Service pony guides her owner.

If you don’t have a pet, getting one might be good for you, as depending on what kind it is, it can defend your house and livestock if you have any, it can scare away mice/rats/rodents/pests, and it can just be there for you when you need a hug but no one will hug you because you have no friends. But always remember that your animal needs love too.

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