Have a Wild Good Time at the Wildlife Safari

Alexa Hall, Staff Writer

Do you know about the wildlife safari?
If you don’t well you’re about to learn a little bit about it.

First is its one of Winston’s biggest attractions and a fun place for families to go to have quality time. It was actually the first drive through zoo in Oregon. The Wildlife Safari opened in 1973 and its first animal was a Giraffe named Kelly. Then their business got started.

At the drive through it cost $19.95 for adults, $13.95 for children and $16.95 for a senior. They also offer an annual membership. They have three different options, Safari Senior for $90 a year, Safari Basic for $120 a year and the Safari Deluxe for $185 a year. Some of the benefits of using the annual memberships are exclusive membership discounts, invitations to member only events, and use of the membership bypass lane to get into the park quicker.

Their drive through has elephants, emus, giraffes, hippos, deer, zebras, guancos, bison, elk, tigers, cheetahs, gibbons, and rhinos just to name a few. The drive through takes about an hour, but it is well worth it and its tons of fun. Also, a cool fact is some of the animals are free range. There are people at a booth in the drive thru that you can pay $5 for a cup of food and you can feed the deer and emu’s out of a cup but when you get to a certain point you do have to throw the cup away.

They also have a walk through, its free with your paid admission from the drive through. The walk through is where you can have birthday parties, work parties and etc., in the party room. Also, there is a café/restaurant that’s open to anyone without reservation. They have camel rides and animal shows/presentation in the cinema. In the cinema they play shows throughout the day. Also at the barn, in the walk through, you are allowed pet the goats and mini horses in the petting farm. There is a playground if your kids are in a stroller and need to get out and run around for a few minutes.

I think the safari is a wonderful place to visit. My aunt has an annual membership. I was lucky enough to go with my aunt and my 2 little cousins, Peyton and Paisley this past summer. My favorite part was when the emus stuck their heads in the car window to get some of the food out of the cup and scared my little cousin Peyton. You should visit the Wildlife Safari which is located on 1790 Safari road in Winston, OR 97496.