The Wildlife Safari is Fun for All Ages

Miriam Stoffal, Staff Writer & Yearbook Editor

The Wildlife Safari is a great place to see a lot of cool animals locally and for a great price! To name a few they have giraffes, lions, zebras, camels, and all sorts of monkeys. It may be smaller than a zoo and different because for the most part they let their animals roam, but it is a great way to see some awesome animals in the walk thru and encounter bigger animals.

The walk thru is free and it is super cool to see smaller exhibits of exotic species. There are snakes, birds, monkeys, lizards, farm animals etc. There is a medium sized playground for children to play on. There are a bunch of buildings you can walk thru such as their gift shop, and the White Rhino Café that have fun activities for families to do during holidays.

The drive thru has bigger animals to see, such as the lions and lioness’, rhinos, alligators, hippos, big birds, giraffes, cheetahs, zebras, elephants and much more! Seeing all these cool animals and not having to leave Winston is a great deal I love the drive thru also because they have different regions based on where the animals come from.

Extras are the train ride which is a somewhat short ride that is really fun to ride during Christmas or on a regular day because you can see all the Christmas lights everywhere or seeing the animals out in the fields. Riding camels is a fun experience you can do at the Wildlife Safari. You can have birthday party reservations and get a discount on the drive thru. There aren’t many things I don’t like about the Wild Life Safari it’s a very positive place to be. You can encounter animals face to face which is a great experience.

In conclusion I love the Wild Life Safari it’s a great place to see animals that you wouldn’t see in Winston. They have a variety of animals to see. I have two aunts that work there so I get discounts so that’s what I also love about Wild Life Safari.