Radioactive Puppies in Chernobyl

Branson Willis, Staff Writer

In 1986 Ukraine’s Chernobyl nuclear power plant had a few explosions that ended with 1,000 miles of the area being covered in radiation. The people who lived in Chernobyl were forced to leave their homes and pets. If you keep reading you’ll get to read the story of Chernobyl’s puppies.The dogs that were left in the radiation just started getting the help they need.

When the owners left their animals they thought they’d be able to come back in a few days. However soldiers were told to kill the animals. Some of the animals survived and the puppies are said to be their descendants. The puppies like to live where most tourist go to visit. People have started to move back in even though the officials said otherwise. Around 200 people live in Chernobyl today.

People are not allowed to pet the puppies because scientist say they could have radiation particles in their fur. When the Clean Futures Fund studied the dogs they found spots of radioisotopes in their bones. The dogs are getting the help they need. The Clean Futures Fund has started neutering and spaying the dogs to keep them from growing in numbers so fast.

Although you technically you’re not supposed to even pet the puppies. The workers can’t stop themselves when it comes to petting them. The workers know that after they pet the puppies they must clean their hands. The group has set up a vet and food and water stations.

It’s great the the animals are getting the help they need. If you ever get the chance to go to Chernobyl be sure not to pet the puppies unless officials say you can. I hope that soon these puppies will be able to live with a real family and not alone.

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