Students Need More Sleep

Miriam Stoffal, Staff Writer & Yearbook Editor

Students are being tardy or even absent due to school starting at such an early time or because they don’t get up on time. Students are not going to bed at a decent hour. The cause may be cell phones, electronics of any kind or tv. Teenagers need their sleep, they should be going to bed earlier and waking up later.

Teenagers need 9-10 hours of sleep. That is more than an adult needs because teens are in the growing and developing stage. If a teenager stays up until midnight then decides to go to bed and has to get up at 6:00 that would only be 7 hours of sleep. Even an hour or 2 less, can make a big impact on your whole day. If school didn’t start so early students could get more sleep.

Students who keep their cell phone, or other electronic devices in their room can get distracted when they’re trying to sleep. If your phone keeps going off and buzzing/flashing it will give you the urge to check your phone. Having a screen in front of your face will cause your brain to stay up even if it wants to go to sleep.

A decent hour for high schools and middle schools to start would be 9:00 says Choices Magazine. The thing about it is if school did start at 9:00, it would end at like 4:00. Some students may have insomnia which causes sleeping disorders that will make it hard to fall asleep, if you experience this you should see a doctor. Insomnia can be short term or long term. Short term is somewhat normal but if it is long term you should be concerned.

In conclusion, teens need their sleep-in order to function thru out the day. Students will be tardy or even absent because they did not get enough sleep. Cell phones, electronics and TV might be part of this cause. Teens should be going to bed earlier and wake up later, but they need enough sleep-in order to get up for school. Some teens can’t help but stay up because insomnia. I the end teens need more sleep.