Why I Love Hunting

Kierra Bennett, Staff Writer

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I have always loved hunting and grew up hunting. A lot of my family loves venison and goes hunting. One thing I have noticed hunting is that when we are doing it, it brings us together and we have family time together. The feeling of killing an animal may be shocking and sad, but it is also a feeling you can’t explain. The feeling of killing your first deer is amazing. I cried because of so much happieness and was shaking I was so happy. It is also a way to get free food and you could also sell it if you want or need money. All in all, I think that hunting is an amazing and fun thing to do.

I think every time I go hunting how my family is getting family time and it is benefiting our relationship. We get time as well to let the giggles out and share stories as well as other things. School work is very important. What’s nice is on the way, you can read and do other work. Then when you get there, you have to turn on your hunting ears. It gives your family time and lets you be in the great outdoors. I don’t know about you but I love the outdoors.

Not sure about you, but I love meat. Have you ever noticed how fresh stuff is much better than store bought? This is a great way to get a fresh meat product for free. If money is a problem you get meat for free. If you want a good way to earn money hunting is a very good choice. If you want to make sure you are getting a good amount of protein it is a good choice. I think meat is a good choice for food all around. Meat can be used in many ways what’s cool is its free.

Not only is it free but nothing is better than killing a deer. The feeling of hunting is something I can’t express, except HAPPINESS. Having the time to be with your family and hunting is amazing. Some of my best moments are made of hunting. I love the meat and enjoy the outdoors that’s why one of my favorite thing to do is. I enjoy shooting guns and this is a good sport for that. Do you like hunting? If not, will you maybe try?

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