We Should Have Full Size Lockers, Not Half Lockers

Alexa Hall, Staff Writer

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I think we should have full sized lockers! I think we should have full-sized lockers because we have a lot of stuff such as binders, backpacks, etc. All of our stuff in that tiny locker just isn’t easy to fit and this isn’t coming from just me. I hear all throughout the hallway, everyday, people complaining. I think bigger lockers would be so much easier to put our stuff in. We could hang our bags on top with our lunch pails and water bottles. Then in the middle, we could have a rack for our books and other small things. Then on the bottom, we can put our binders.

Another issue with half lockers is that if you have a top locker, you have to reach over the person on the bottom and then they try to get out and can’t because there are people on the side and over the top of them. It isn’t just having bottom and top lockers that is bad but how close they are together, so we open our lockers and it’s blocking the person’s locker next to you.

Even if we didn’t get full-sized lockers, making them just about maybe 1 foot taller could help. That way our bags aren’t not crushing our stuff, and we can get our binders out without our backpacks falling out or dropping our stuff on people’s heads. Without the people under us, we can get our stuff out without dropping stuff on their head. It seems like most teachers don’t care because they don’t have to deal with it, but it is something I thinks an issue.

With bigger lockers we would have less tardy kids, I think because they don’t have to wait for people to get out of the way. With taller lockers we can store all of our stuff in it without a hassle. Lockers again seem like a small thing in school, but they’re actually a very big thing to us students. They hold our stuff they can do a lot for us and that’s why I think we should have big lockers.

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