The Lost City of Z

Cord Mincher, Staff Writer

You’ve probably heard of lost cities that have never been found. Atlantis, Iran of the pillars, Eldorado, etc. There are lots of them, most considered to be mythical.
The Lost city of Z was first searched for by a spanish conquistador named Francisco de Orellana. The city is believed to be along the river of Rio Negro, a river that splits off of the Amazon river in Brazil.
The second famous explorer that set out in search of the lost city was colonel Percy Harrison Fawcett. He was very famous in his time, and Indiana Jones is said to based off of him. Fawcett became obsessed with finding this city. This obsession later lead him to his death, after multiple expeditions. He along with his son, Jack Fawcett, two Brazilians, and his friend Raleigh Rimmel.
The city was described by a Portuguese explorer to be “Deep in the Mato Grosso region of the Amazon rainforest, reminiscent of ancient Greece,” according to AncientOrigins.Net The Explorer described this city to have large, multi-storied, silver-laden buildings. The city was decorated with archways made of stone, and wide streets leading to a lake. The explorer said that when he saw the lake, there were two “White Indians” (The mysterious white skinned native amazonians that were described by spanish missionaries) in a canoe. The city was also described to have mysterious light sources, which scared the native Brazilians who encountered the city.
It is to this day unclear how Fawcett, his son, Rimell, and their brazilian companions disappeared. Some theorise that they were impolite to some natives, and were killed. Others theorise that it was disease, starvation, predators, or dehydration. One of the others is that they were killed by robbers, and somewhere, someone has a theory that they were abducted by aliens.