Conspiracy Theories

Branson Willis, Staff Writer

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Conspiracy theories have been around as long as mankind has. Research shows that recognizing connections and failing to recognize meaningless ones has been hardwired to our brain. There are so many conspiracy theories that it’s hard to say that every one of them are true. Here are a few conspiracy theories.

Moon Landing

One of the most popular conspiracy theories is the moon landing. People say that the moon landing was fake and shot in a studio. One piece of evidence they have is that when the astronauts placed down the flag it moved and in space the flag wouldn’t have moved. Another piece of evidence is some pictures from the moon. They say that the background in those two photos are exactly the same, and if you do look at the backgrounds they do look similar. One more piece of evidence is that there are no stars in the sky. NASA says that it’s because of the light coming from the moon but conspiracy theorist says that it’s from NASA not putting stars in their film.

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I personally don’t believe that conspiracy just because I want to believe we actually made it to the moon, but who knows maybe we didn’t make it to the moon and it was all a hoax.

Amazon Echo

Another conspiracy theory is that the Amazon Echo is recording you. By this I don’t mean when you talk to it because it does record you when you talk to it. For example, I asked echo the wake me up at 6:30 A.M. and it recorded it! Just imagine what else it’s doing while you’re talking. People have been saying that the Amazon Echo is recording things you say around your house and sending it to the government. Someone actually asked their Echo if it was connected to the C.I.A, and it would not respond the the question. Creepy right? Now when you ask it that question it responds with, “No, I work for Amazon.” This isn’t just the Amazon Echo, people also say that Apple’s Siri records you too. It’s creepy to think about your phone, the thing that is almost always with you, recording everything you say to it.

Those are only two conspiracy theories and there are probably thousands. If you want to learn about more conspiracy theories watch Shane Dawson on YouTube. He talks about conspiracy theories a lot on is his channel and has over 10 million subscribers. But those are the conspiracy theories I have for you, and remember “don’t trust everything you see.”- Shane Dawson

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