Kierra Bennett, Staff Writer

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Have you ever been to Cabela’s? It’s an outdoors store. I have only been to the store a few times. Although, I would give it a good review. Some of the items were a lot of money and some were a good deal. One thing I liked about the store is it is big and has a lot more to offer than most fishing and hunting places. The main reason I like Cabela’s is I am into the outdoors, so I have a lot of interest in the stuff there.

If you enjoy fishing, Cabela’s is a good store to go to. They have many lures from hard baits to jigs. There are magazines and CDs you can get to learn about fishing. There are also many types of baits for many species of fish from salmon to bass. Don’t forget the workers, I’m sure you can talk and learn stuff from them.

If you like hunting, Cabela’s would be a good choice for many reasons. There are magazines as well and CDs you can learn from. If you talk to a worker they will have tips and stuff they know about hunting that they can share. There are many choices for guns, targets, bows, knifes, bags and more, which is always nice to have. When I went there, I enjoyed looking at all of the animal mounts on the wall.

Have you ever heard of a bug out bag or survival bag? A survival bag is a bag that you can store in a car in case of emergency or just to have. It contains something like matches, a first aid kit, knifes, candle, pot or pan, light, rope, that type of stuff. I have one, they are nice to have for camping or if you break down. At Cabela’s there are many options with that type of stuff.

Have you ever ridden in a RZR, quad, or dirt bike, there are many options there for that. They have Chinese quads there that start at the price of four hundred dollars! There are many more things there you can buy like there RZR you can sit in. Most of the stuff at Cabela’s I am into in, that’s why I chose to do it on Cabela’s. Hope this can help you in any way.

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