Opinion: Should we have year-round school?

Kierra Bennett, Staff Writer

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Would you want year-round school? Do you think it would make kids smarter? Would it make kids go insane or crazy? Would it make kids not as active or lose fun time or free time? My opinion is no, I feel like half of our lives with school is okay. If they did a vote, about three fourth would vote I predict. Most kids if you ask if they like school most say no, if you ask if they want year-round they are really going to day no.

This may increase the number of behavior issues in the classroom. Having cranky kids that want to play outside are going to act up do to having to be inside most of their day in a chair. Parents could possibly have students on different schedules. After-school activities, such as sports or the arts, may suffer or get lost in the budget if school days are longer. Students in year-round school may miss out on opportunities to spend time with children of other ages and learn about nature, other experiences may no longer be a part of the childhood experience.

Vacation time can be more evenly distributed throughout the year, making it easier to schedule family vacations and giving students opportunity to still have free time. Vacation would still be part of the student’s life, so no loss in that. According to Amanda Morin, “With year-round schools, the U.S. school system would be more like that of other countries, providing students with the ability to have a more global educational experience.”

As you can see there is pros and cons of year-round school. I still have a strong opinion on wanting more of a big vacation then split up. With more of a vacation you have more things to do like for example a family vacations. After reading this does this change your opinion on year-round school. Although I think it would help with education, more time more teaching. I think we learn enough how it is now.

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