The Scandalous Love of Picasso

Photo via Wikimedia Commons under Creative Commons license.

Photo via Wikimedia Commons under Creative Commons license.

Anna McKenna, Staff Writer

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Have you heard of the Mona Lisa or Guernica paintings? Then you probably know the 20th century artist of these pieces is a man named Pablo Picasso. If you do, your up for learning some cruel stuff about this deceased man past lovers. Picasso was said to be one of the most famous artist in his time! Creating a new piece of artwork every day from age 20 – 91 this man has made over 26,075 pieces of art.

Picasso was an inspirational artist but he was cursed at love. A woman named Olga Khokhlova who married Picasso had bad luck coming her way. Olga and 45 yr. Pablo had a child together. Then Olga divorced Pablo after he had a secret affair with a seventeen-year-old girl. Messed up right? Well this isn’t the only marriage he has broken and cursed. The famous artist always married most of the women he dated but then would break their hearts into pieces. Olga and Picasso’s son, Paulo Picasso, grew up with a caring father and mother not knowing about the divorce until Picasso left his family in 1944 for a young art student.

Francoise Gilot an German art student who became a journalist because of Picasso married this older man who just turned 63. Gilot was 23-year-old at the time who was getting art lessons from Picasso, the two found a connection and a few weeks later they were married. After having two kids and keeping onto one of Picasso most long-lasting marriages. Picasso once again had an affair with his wife instead this time with a girl 43 year’s younger than him! according to James Clear.

Francoise Gilot who is now a journalist and wrote a book about Pablo that was titled “Life with Pablo Picasso” which told a story of their marriage and Pablo other past lovers. Pablo heard about the book and there on refused to see his children forever. Sold for about $27.95 for hardcover, $1.91 for paperback on Amazon. According to a Picasso exhibition and Gilot book he said, “There was always many others.” The shady part of his life was just about to begin when rumors of scholars thinking that Picasso cursed love really was just his essential to his art pieces. According to art critic Arthur Danto & James Clear, “Pablo invented a new style of art each time he fell for another woman.” This is when Pablo Picasso chose his passion for art to be his one and only love.

I bet you never knew what hid behind 20th century greatest artist! This man was an inspiration to most and still is today. The stories of things he has done to his family made him a horrible
partner, he really did have primary marriage with his passion of art. The fact his wife and children were hobbies, distractions, and labors of love is just wrong. There must been things about Picasso horrendous because after he pasted, due to stress and aggrieve two of his past lovers committed suicide. Still this man is not known for his infamous love instead his real passion. If I hadn’t wrote this article the man all my life I was told was famous artist was a cheater and abandoned his children. I probably wouldn’t had look up to him so much as I did before. Again, Pablo Picasso is a well-known inspiring artist but he did have a terrible shady side that most never even knew about.

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