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Let’s Talk About Toucans

Alexa Hall, Staff Writer

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A common name for the toucans is toco toucan. The scientific name for them is ramphastos toco. Their diet is omnivores. There group name is a flock, in each flock there’s about 6 birds in each flock. A normal size for a full-grown toucan is about 25-inches long with a 7.5-inch bill, and weigh about 20oz (1.25pounds). Toucans live in south America’s tropical forest but noticed everywhere. The toucans large bill makes them one of the most popular birds in the world. (“Toco Toucan)
The toucans 7.5-inch bill may seem as a desirable mating trait, but if so it’s one that both male and female toucan possess. In fact, both sexes use their bills to catch tasty morsels and pitch them to one another during mating ritual toss. As a weapon, the bill is a bit more show than substance. It’s a honeycomb of bone that actually contains a lot of air (“Toco Toucan”).
Toucans bright colors actually provide good camouflage in the dapple’s light of the rainforest canopies. However, the birds commonly keep up a racket of vocalization. Toucans nest in tree holes, they usually have 2-4 eggs a year. Both parents help care for young toucans. Young toucans don’t have very big bills at birth but after 17 months the baby toucans are full grown (“Toco Tocuan”).
These iconic birds are very popular pets and many are captured to supply a demand for a trade. They are also, known for commercial mascots known for cereal and other products. Familiar people regard the bird with a more scared eye; they are traditionally seen as conduits between the world of the living and the spirts.
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Let’s Talk About Toucans