Poisonous Plants

Alayna Pierson, Staff Writer

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Many plants are poisonous and even deadly. One of these plants are tobacco (nicotiana tabacum). Tobacco is widely grown around the world. Tobacco is a non-food plants. On the leaves of these plants is the most toxic. Tobacco causes more then 500 deaths a year. Tobacco can cause lung cancer and mouth cancer ext.

The Oleander (Nerium Oleander) this poisonous plant dates back to antient Rome. The oleander is a very pretty plant, it has pink sticking peddles. This plant is commonly planted as a hedge and ornamental. This plant is very deadly. The whole plant is poisonous. This toxic is called lethal cardiac glycosides, also known as oleandrin and nerine.

The rosary pea (Abrus Percatorius) also known as jequirity beans. Abrin is contained in this plant. Abrin is very deadly. Abrin is only found in this plant’s seeds. These seeds are only dangerous is the seed is cut, scratched, chewed ext. This plant is sometimes in jewelry. It is also native in tropical areas.

Deadly nightshade is a very toxic plant. This plants berries are very sweet but very harmful. Deadly nightshade is a plant that has light green leaves with black cherry like berries on it. Nightshade has atropine on it. Atropine is a very deadly toxin that can kill an adult.

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