What Happens to Olympic Complexes After the Olympic Games?

Branson Willis, Staff Writer

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The Olympic games happen every two years and a lot of countries compete in them. Every two years the games switch from being summer games to winter games. In order for the games to be able to be played they might have to build venues for the games to be held in. What happens to these venues when the games are over, though? Some are abandoned and some are tourist attractions.

The Slalom at Athens was abandoned after the 2004 Olympic games in Athens, Greece. The Slalom was used for kayaking and canoeing. After the games the place was left without care and became a less attractive place to be. The area is being covered with shrubs and dead life. No longer does it seem fit to hold an Olympic event.

The Slalom is in very bad condition, environmentally and I think that people should go in a remake it. I believe the Slalom has the potential to be something great. It could be a practicing place for kayaking and canoeing Olympians to go.

The Salt Lake City Olympic venues from the 2002 Winter Olympics are now a tourist attraction. You can go visit them and see them for yourself. Unlike the Slalom at Athens, this place wasn’t abandoned. So, if you want to go see some Olympic venues you can go to Salt Lake City.

Those are just two venues from almost 75 games (some were stopped due to conflicts in the world or country). There are a lot more abandoned venues and a lot or you can visit around the world. Those two were my personal favorites. I want to see what other ones I can find and you should to.

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