Are the Code of Conduct Rules About Electronic Devices Unfair?

Kamryn Geise, Staff Writer

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The Code of Conduct tells us that “Students will not use personal electronic devices during the school day.” We are not allowed to have our phones with us and teachers can confiscate phones even when they are not a distraction. Even if your phone is in a coat pocket or in a pant pocket.

Some children need to keep their phones with them for the end of the day or for reasons of walking to and from school alone. Some need phones for after school extra-curricular events. The school rule is for your phone to be off and in your locker, however in the school handbook the Code of Conduct, it says on page 41 that, “Valuables should never be stored in the student’s locker.”

The school handbook and the school rules fight with each other. Even though it sounds so simple, just don’t bring your phone, however like before I said that some need their phones for before and after school. There are many solutions, give it to the office. However, it is very overwhelming for an office to handle at least 100 cell phones. There would be many problems of stealing, (even as amazing as Cindy our office lady is) the office is already busy as it is and it would be hard to take care of many cell phones.

Over all I think that the Code of Conduct and the school rules are unfair and need to be changed and made to be convenient for us. We need to make the rules fairer and the rule should be, that we are allowed to carry our phones with us without fear of confiscation from staff members as long as our electronic devices are not a distraction.

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