Making Slime

“Photo via Wikimedia Commons under Creative Commons license.”

“Photo via Wikimedia Commons under Creative Commons license.”

Alaura Hale, Staff Writer

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The ingredients you will need to make basic slime is: white or clear glue (preferably Elmer’s), contact solution or borax-water solution, baking soda, mixing bowl, a mixing utensil, and food coloring (optional).

1st Step

You will need to put the glue into the bowl. If you would like to put color into it, you should do that now for best results. Glitter or beads should be added now also. After mixing, we move to step two.

2nd Step

Now, to your slime mix, add in a few, 2-3, pinches of baking soda. This allows the slime to stay together and it helps it become less sticky.

3rd Step

Now that you’ve added in your baking soda, slowly add in your contact solution or borax-water solution until you get the texture that you desire.

If the slime gets on your clothes, etc., then wash or scrub with soap and water. You will also need a plastic sandwich bag or container to store the slime in so it won’t dry out.

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