Fortnite Review

Branson Willis, Staff Writer

Fortnite is a new game that gained popularity in 2017. The game created by Epic Games is a co-op survival game that is on the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Xbox One X, PlayStation 4 Pro, PC, and Mac. The survival feature isn’t out yet but has a paid early access. The survival feature will be free later this year. You can download the game for free on any platform to play the battle royal mode, which is very popular on the game.

Battle Royal

The battle royal mode on Fortnite could have possibly gave Fortnite its popularity. In the mode you and up to 100 other players jump from the “Battle Bus” and glide down to any point on the map you think will benefit you in your gameplay. Everyone looks around the map for chest and guns laying on the ground. As more people find weapons more people are eliminated from the match. There is also a deadly circle closing in making the battle field smaller and contact more frequent. You can find recourses and build massive bases to defend from other players or build walls if you are being shot at. When someone wins there are greeted with the phrase, “#1 Victory Royal!”

I personally like the battle royal feature more than the survival feature. I think it gives people a really good gaming experience and really gives the game its kick.

Save the World

The Save the World feature is what Epic Games was trying to have from the start and will be the main part of the game when it’s fully released. In the mode you fight monsters called husks. You can collect guns from piñatas that you have to get parts to craft them with. In the game you build your own base and expand your shield to get more area for it. You can trade guns with other players at their base and play with them against husks. You can collect different heroes with more health, stamina, and shield to be on your missions. You can also collect survivors, and defenders for your base. The whole point of the mode is to fight husks, complete missions, and collect stuff.

Overall Fortnite is a great game and almost and person who is into games could enjoy it. If you are looking for a fun game to play I highly recommend downloading the game from their website.