What to put in your emergency bag when camping

Chenoa Alexander, Staff Writer

When camping, it’s important to be prepared. The following are items that could help you in an emergency.

A knife can always come in handy as long as you stay safe with it. Bring a notebook and pen just in case you really need to write something. Pack a flashlight and a few spare batteries. You will need a flashlight when you are in the dark. Bring a few walkie talkies (the number you will need, depends on how many are on the trip with you) to stay in communication with fellow campers.

Also pack a pair of tweezers in case you get a sliver. You don’t want to get an infection. Pack a whole pack of bandages, you will need them if you get a cut. Bring antiseptics in case you get a cut or scrape. Bring a few medicines in case you get sick during a camping trip. In extreme cases you may need to use the medicine until you get to the hospital.

You should probably pack everything in a waterproof backpack. A pop-up tent will help because when you set it out, it folds out by itself and it’s water proof. Also, it is small and can fit in a small bag easily.