WMS Battle of the Books Team Victorious for the 2nd Year in a Row; Heading to the State Competition


Jasmine Bailey, Israel Sierra, Adrianna Sapp, Teri Morrison (coach) and Savaun Deng pose with their trophy after winning the Battle of the Books regional competition for the second year in a row.

Alayna Pierson, Staff Writer

Adrianna Sapp, Savaun Deng, Jasmine Bailey, and Israel Sierra represented Winston Middle School at the county Battle of the Books (BOB) competition in March.

According to the battle of the book website (BOB), battle of the books is a fun and friendly competition where two teams battle one another in a “jeopardy” type of game. Each team competes with each other. 4 people that like to read then make a team. After the team of four is made they then split 16 books, each student should get 4 books to read. They have three months to read four books. The battles start with one team against one other team with questions about books on the book list.

Teri Morrison the coach of the battle of the books for Winston Middle School (WMS) has been coaching for ten years.” I enjoy watching the students battle and running the battles are the easiest,” she says. Terri says the hardest part of coaching is making sure everyone on the teams are reading and taking notes about the books. She says that WMS has won the regional competition two times. The team is preparing for the state competition on April 7th, 2018. They are preparing by re-reading all of the books and quizzing each other.

Savaun Deng has been doing battle of the books for six years. Israel Sierra has been doing BOB for five years. Adrianna Sapp was the team leader which means that she talked for her team. Her favorite BOB book was the War that Saved my Life. Savaun Deng’s favorite BOB book is Lost in the Sun by Lisa Graff. Israel Sierra says that, “he loved all of the BOB books”.

When asked why she participates, Adrianna Sapp replied, “I do BOB because it is a good way to read lots of books and comprehend them.”

Savaun Deng loves BOB because “it is a great way to find new books.”

All of the BOB members agree that if you are up to it, you should give BOB a try. You should love to read and be prepared to study and read your books multiple times.