An Adventurous Story of Trains and Magic

The cover art for Mark of the Dragonfly was done by Nigel Quarless in 2014.

Kate Waggoner

The cover art for Mark of the Dragonfly was done by Nigel Quarless in 2014.

Haley Maurer, Staff Writer

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Mark of The Dragonfly is an amazing book by Jaleigh Johnson. It is full of adventure and mystery. My favorite part of this book is when Piper and Anna meet Gee, the head of security. Out of 5 stars I would give it all 5. The cover art is done by Nigel Quarness and the map illustration is by Brandon Dorman. It’s published by Scholastic Inc. The copyright date is 2014.

Piper Linny is a scrapper who grew up in Scrap Town 16. One night, in a meteor storm, Piper went to the scrap fields and found Anna passed out from a meteor hitting her caravan. When Anna woke up someone tried to get her back. Piper said no and the two ran. While the two were running, they jumped on a train. The train’s head of security stopped them and wanted to know why they were on the train without tickets. They explained themselves, sort of. The head of security, Gee, said he didn’t trust them. Anna showed him a special tattoo and he let them stay on the train. After being attacked by the man again trying to get Anna. The captain of the train, Jeyne, wanted to know the truth and where they were going. They explained themselves truthfully and said they wanted to go to the capital Noveen. The captain said that was their last stop and that they’ll drop them off there. When the man attacks them again they decide to bring Anna back to her dad. Now they travel to the capital to save Anna from the man after her.

I really enjoyed Mark of The Dragonfly by Jaleigh Johnson because it has an amazing story line. The characters have descriptive backstories, well thought out personalities, and amazing talents. None of the characters are the same. They all act, look, and talk differently. The story is well paced and gives small clues to how the story ends, if you look close enough. The author gives good details for the story and the setting. When reading you can picture where the characters are and what they look like. At points in the book it feels like you are seeing out of the characters eyes. I would suggest this book for those who love adventures and mystery.

Mark of The Dragonfly is an amazing story full of adventure and mystery. The story is fun and lively, full of talented characters, and a fun story line to follow along with and read. So, will you read this fun and exciting book?