David M. Rosenthal’s How it Ends, Review

Branson Willis, Staff Writer

In July of 2018, director David M. Rosenthal’s movie How it Ends was released on Netflix. How it Ends is a thrilling and entertaining “end of the world” movie. The constant action, and hard decision making, makes this movie an enjoyable film to watch. However, how good was this movie?

The movie is about a man named Will Young (played by Theo James) and his father-in-law Tom Sutherland (played by Forest Whitaker) who team up to find Samantha Sutherland (Will’s wife and Tom’s daughter). After a mysterious disaster happens on the west coast of the United States, they lose connection with Samantha. Will and Tom both want to find Samantha, so they decide to try and ignore how they feel about each other and look for her together. The mission isn’t safe and is very difficult, they find many people who want to harm them and must confront their disgust towards each other many times. They find a settlement and meet a woman who is good at car repairs named Ricki (played by Grace Dove). Tom offers Ricki a lot of money to go with them. After debate, Ricki decides to join them, and they set off again to look for Samantha. The lack of gas, kill-hungry people, and mysterious disasters make the journey very difficult. Can they trust each other? Will they find Samantha, or will the journey be too hard?

How it Ends is a great movie. The strong-willed characters make you want to be like them. The acting of Theo James and Forest Whitaker was outstanding, and they played the roles just right. I would recommend this movie to anyone that likes movies about the end of the world, or anyone who likes thrilling movies. I would give this movie a 9/10 for the amazing plot, great acting, and constant excitement. The only thing I must criticize is the ending, but you would not regret watching this movie.

Overall, I think How it Ends is a great movie that was created very well. How it Ends can only be watched on Netflix which might cause problems for some people. Netflix is only $7.99 a month and you get a wide selection of great shows and movies, like How it Ends, to watch. If you ever have the chance to watch this movie, you should go figure out “How it Ends.”