Will the Bog Noblins Take Over

Chloe Bock, Staff Writer

The Luck Uglies is a fantasy fiction book by Paul Durham. In this book you will find that it is filled with adventure from page one, I was hooked when Riley O’ Chanter and her best friends Folly Flood and Quinn Quartermast jump over the roof tops of houses to escape the angry poet.

This book is just one out of three, and it never failed to entertain me. At some point, Quinn even got bit in the butt by a Bog Noblin named Muckmire. Bog Noblins are the evil trolls who eat humans and were their feet around their necks. They come in packs and in this pack, called the Clungburrow, there is one Bog Noblin not like the rest. Leatherleaf is the runt of the pack, he is smaller and weaker than all the rest. He got picked on so bad because of this that he had to flee, and he ended up in Drowning where he met Riley. She had just narrowly escaped him right after she grabbed something of his. She took his Luck Bag, little did she know Leatherleaf was not going to leave without it. He would never stay in one place long so when he spent several days in Drowning, Riley knew something was wrong. Leatherleaf stayed so long that the Clungborrow caught up to him and the leader Iron Wart almost grabbed him before he took off again. But, he ended up coming back later to retrieve only one thing out of his Luck Bag. He took a very large tooth and then disappeared forever.

Now Leatherleaf is gone, but Iron Wart and two more remained, so it was up to Riley and Harmless to save Drowning. Though they were a strong team, they could not do it alone. Little did riley know that her house pet was the key to that. Her pet cat, or so she thought was a Gloaming Beast, also known as the only superior enemy to Bog Noblins. Together all three of them ran the last of the Bog Noblins out of town and Drowning was once safe again, (well after Harmless got rid of the awful king Morningwig Longchance and his annoying spoiled brat daughter Malydia.)

My overall review of this book is a 10/10. This book was amazing all the way through, but the reason I am giving it that review is mostly because of the creativeness. The book was filled with funky works that I have never heard before, and I had fun trying to figure out what the heck they meant. I really recommend that you read this book, you won’t want it to end.