You Can Now Text 9-1-1

Branson Willis, Staff Writer

In Douglas County you can now text 911. This option allows people who are unable to speak during an accident the option to still contact help. To text 911 you should start with the location of your emergency, what’s happening, and the type of service you need. After sending the message be sure to stay with your phone, ready to reply to the message you get back.

This new feature benefits people who are deaf, have worse hearing, or speech impediments. This also helps those who are afraid of talking to another person over the phone, feel more comfortable. Or maybe, you’re just better at typing than texting. In any case, this new feature is great and will help many people out.

However, a local woman misused this new feature. She texted the authorities and said that there was a hostage situation in the 500 block of Orchard lane in Roseburg. Luckily the authorities were able to find her and arrest her.