Would I Still Be Me?

Tyler Dunstan, Staff Writer

I like Caesar salad with
garlic croutons,
and ranch dressing.
I like pizza with pineapple
and smoked ham.

But say I preferred
my salad with nothing,
my pizza with mushrooms,
my pineapple on its own —
Wouldn’t I still be me?

I also like hoodies
and black Vans.
But if I traded them in
for no-hood sweaters
and running shoes
wouldn’t I still be me?

If I had my hair straight
and not permed
wouldn’t I still be me?

If I deleted SnapChat
or changed my Instagram
wouldn’t I still be me?

And if I lived
in another state
wouldn’t I still be me?

But if I grew mean,
or wasn’t honest?
What if I never played

What if I were afraid of snakes
but not spiders?

What if I felt a little bigger
when I gazed at a full moon.

Would I still be me?