I’m a Witch?


Image under Creative Commons License via Pixabay.com.

Kaya Heath, Staff Writer

For my 10th birthday I received a book, I thought it was just an old book but my mom thought differently.
“Give it here!” demanded my mother, of course she didn’t want me to have the book, she never liked me reading.
“No! It was addressed to me and I’m keeping it!” with that I ran up the stairs and into my room. I just don’t understand why it’s so important that I don’t read this book. Whatever, I’ll just read it later, I thought throwing it on the chair by my bed.
A few days passed and the book stayed there. After about a month I had to open it, I had ran out of other books. But when I went to open it, the cover wouldn’t open. Angry, I ran downstairs to my mom.
“How dare you! I know you don’t like me reading but to ruin my property, that’s insane!” I shouted, fuming at the ears.
“I have no idea what you are talking about but do not use that tone with me, Amanda,” she replied calmly.
“Yes you do, you glued my book shut!” I screamed running upstairs. I heard something break downstairs but kept running. I can’t believe she would lie to my face like that! Flopping on my bed, I decided to try again. This time when I pulled at the cover it opened, and I couldn’t believe what was inside.

Congratulations, you have shown your first signs of magic. This book will guide you through you journey of becoming a powerful witch or wizard. But be warned, there are some like your mother who don’t like magical beings, who are scared of them, and want them dead. Now that you have opened this there is no turning back, you will have to train constantly and defend yourself at every corner. The council chose you, can you do it?

What? I’m a witch, that can’t be. Anyway I’m tired, I think I’ll sleep on whether to continue or not. I just wish I didn’t have to get out of bed. With that thought the lights clicked off. Wait did I just do that? I guess so, but I’m to tired to care. That night I dream of 5 people in a circle calling my name, they seem to be waiting for a decision. ‘What if I never make a decision?’ I hear myself ask. The oldest looking one stands, towering over my 5’7” frame. ‘Then we die’ and with that the dream ends.
That morning I started training. At first it was simple things like how to make a pencil move on its own or how to turn something on without getting up. I didn’t realize how this would help me defend myself. By midday I was annoyed, if the council needs me so much why are they giving me baby spells? Around 2 my mother asked me to go to the store.
“I’m reading, you do it,” I responded with sass.
“I told you to stop reading, give me that book.” She was standing in my doorway now.
“Absolutely not! It is my property and I shall do with it as I please.” She was now at the end of my bed, oh no what if she takes the book and opens it. I did the only thing I knew to do. I sent pencils at her. I’m not an animal, I sent the eraser end at her. But one pencil was enough to get her out of my room and away from me for a while. I guess that’s why they wanted me to learn the spell. Hopefully, I never need to use it again.