Ghosts: Fact or Fiction?

Emma Gonzalez, Staff Writer

Do ghosts really exist? This is a question that has been debated for centuries. But, what do we really know? Has science proven anything yet? What about the countless people who have claimed to encounter undead beings? There are people who rely on people believing in ghosts to make a living, but are they simply deceiving you to make a quick buck?

Ghosts have been around ever since we can remember and then some. Ghosts, or spirits, have been in almost every religion out there. Even science is on the fence about the existence of ghosts. Albert Einstein suggested the idea that ghosts exist with the rule that energy cannot be formed or destroyed. When people die, where does that energy go?

But what about other people, not just scientists and authors, what do they believe? So many people claim or have claimed to have encountered an unholy spirit at least once in their lives. And, we must not forget the stupid edgy teenagers summoning demons and ghosts at 3 a.m while their parents are away. While people can argue that they’re lying to get attention, or their eyes are playing tricks on them and making them see what they want to see, is that really all it is?

In the end we really don’t know for sure. Scientists can’t explain, prove, or debunk this particular case. People will always have their doubts and some people will always believe in ghosts no matter what others say. So, for now, ghosts are all just a matter of opinion.

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