How Pizza Saved the Day

Daizy Gehrke, Staff Writer

It was the day before Thanksgiving. My mom and I were shopping for the traditional Thanksgiving turkey! “Hey mom we should get a pumpkin pie! Pretty please!” I gave my mom my best puppy eyes. She narrowed her eyes at me then sighed in defeat.

“Fine.” I hugged her and then went to the pie section.There were a variety of pies. I walked over to where the pumpkin pie was held. Why were there so many pumpkin pies? Why can’t you just have one type? I ended up picking a normal one but it came with whipped cream. Always have to have that whipped cream.

When we were done in the store we drove home. The ride was full of laughter and Thanksgiving plans. We got home and it was around 8 at night. I helped my mom put all the groceries away and then decided to hit the hay. I was ready for the big day tomorrow.

The next morning, I jumped out of bed and ran downstairs. My jaw dropped at the sight of the kitchen table. It was covered in all sort of breakfast surprises. Bacon, waffles, eggs, toast, biscuits, and it just kept going on and on. My mom stood smiling at my shocked face. “Wow Mom, this is fantastic.” She said thanks then went to grab plates. She handed them to me.

“Go make the table,” she said ruffling my hair. I rolled my eyes and set up the table. When I was done, my father came downstairs. I said good morning. He smiled at me and then when to hug my mom. He kissed her cheek and then went to get the daily news from off the porch. “Go get your siblings,” she said. She waved me off. I laughed and ran up the stairs. I walked into my little brother’s room. His dark room was lit by a single lamp.
I walked up to my brothers sleeping form and shook him awake. He bolted up hitting his head on the bunk above him> a large smile lit up his small face and he screamed “THANKSGIVING!” He jumped out of bed. He scrambled up to his twin brothers bed and jumped on the poor boy. I laughed at his startled face.

“Come on guys, Mommy made a big breakfast.” We ran downstairs and ate.After breakfast we all ran outside for the traditional football game. My father ran and got the football.
I could not tell you how much I got hit in the face with the football. I love football. Even though I suck and can’t catch, I still loved the game. Mom called me in to help her make dinner. She took one look at me and made a face. “ Go get cleaned up. Chop, chop, we don’t have much time.” I ran upstairs once again and washed up. I ran back downstairs. “That’s much better. Now start cutting the carrots.” I nodded and got to work. When I was done, she told me to get the turkey out of the fridge. I did so.

When we were done cooking we went to watch football. I turned on the T.V. After some time I heard the oven dinged. I couldn’t see my mom anywhere so I decided to pull it out myself. I went to grab it with my oven mitts. Halfway to the counter the pan started to get heavy. No! It is slipping. That’s when i dropped it. My dog, Bruno, heard the sound and came to investigate. When he saw the turkey he lunged. “Bruno noo!!!” Bruno took bite after bite as I watched hopeless.

I heard a gasp and looked up. My mom looked at Bruno, then me, then at the remains of the turkey. What she did next surprised me. She started laughing. “Why didn’t you just wait for me?” My Mom said in between laughs. I opened my mouth and then closed it again. I saw dad walk behind her. He rolled at my laughing mother and then got out his phone and walked away.
About 10 minutes later the doorbell rang. I walked up to answer it. A pizza man was standing there with 4 pizzas in his hands. “THANKSGIVING IS SAVED!” he said. That’s how Thanksgiving was saved.