Why You Should Get Up Early on Black Friday

Brandon Dunning, Staff Writer

When you think of Black Friday, do you think amazing deals and too many people? It makes me think of crazy fights and price steals, but mostly fights. But I think you should get up early and here’s why. When great deals come up, you want them right? Waking up early on Black Friday is very important for you to get those deals. When you want something you normally would have to fight for it, but it is that rush you might need who knows.

Many people get injured on Black Friday, but it’s sometimes their fault for doing something dumb, like messing with the wrong person. Sometimes people have, though rarely ever, died on Black Friday. However, if you don’t do any of the dumb stuff and you’re smart shopper, you should be good. Now if you want something new and you don’t have a phone or computer for Cyber Monday, that’s what Black Friday is all about. It’s a time to get either gifts for someone you know or you to just treat yourself to something nice. Don’t go to like a Best Buy or a Walmart, go to somewhere smaller. They may have it all from computer parts to instruments, its a long list, but if you can do go big and go home empty handed go to a small store. Many do it with family and that’s good thats when you should do it when your with family it helps pick out stuff or even fight for stuff. Now I’m not saying fight for stuff but if you want a new coffee machine go and get it