The Best Christmas Song: “Mary Did You Know?”

Emma Gonzalez, Staff Writer

“Mary Did You Know?” is arguably the best Christmas song ever. People say that more joyful, Santa-based songs are the better, but I would beg to differ. What other Christmas songs illustrate the original story of Christmas better than this song?

You don’t need sickeningly cheerful songs to celebrate Christmas. Songs like “Jingle Bells” and “All I Want For Christmas is You” are joyful, sure, but songs like “Silent Night” will tell you the real reason we celebrate Christmas in the first place. Plus, if you want to be cheerful, there are songs like “Joy to the World.”

In the song, they perfectly illustrate the story of Christmas with a series of rhetorical questions targeted to Mary, the mother of Jesus. The questions ask Mary if she knew of all the miracles that her baby would perform during his lifetime. While all that the lyrics of “Jingle Bells” do is describe Santa Claus’s sleigh.

While some may argue that these kinds of songs are too religious, it’s just telling the story of Christmas. But to all the people that are fine with Santa, Santa is just a symbol for Christ, and the presents are supposed to be the gift of heaven and earth (C, Gary). Of course some people may argue that “Mary Did You Know?” is inaccurate according to the Bible, but a fat dude plowing through snow doesn’t exactly tell the story of Jesus’ birth, either.

So, really, there is no reason not to love this song. And if you’re not religious, Christmas songs are really all about bringing people together. I loved this song as a child to the extent that I would blast it in the middle of June. I just don’t see why “Mary Did You know?” is so underrated.

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