Gift Giving

Kaya Heath, Staff Writer

Gift giving is a large part of Christmas, children make a list and beg for toys. There is a difference in gifts for each child, but how should that be decided? Each child is different, and the presents they receive should reflect that difference, whilst staying in the same price range.

One of the most important things to consider when shopping for presents is age.
A 16 year old probably doesn’t want foam blocks, and a 5 year old wouldn’t do much with air pods. Getting age appropriate gifts is also a good way to show you child that you realize they are growing up.

Another important thing to take into account is interest and hobbies. Someone who likes to skateboard probably wouldn’t want a ball gown. Just like how a child that loves to play music probably wouldn’t want a paint set. Kids like different things and it’s important to acknowledge that.
Sometimes what a kid wants for Christmas isn’t a toy, it could be an experience. You child might want to see a play or go to a zoo. Experience should also be decided by interest and age. An athletic child probably wouldn’t enjoy Hamilton as much as a theater child, just like a theater kid probably wouldn’t enjoy the zoo.
Kids are all different and their gifts should be a way to show you understand that they aren’t the same as their siblings. Christmas time is a fun part of the year and should be made more fun by gift giving and receiving, not made less fun by a gift that doesn’t show who they are or that you realize they are different than their siblings or friends.