When Weather Gets Severe, School Should Be Cancelled

Lizzie Richards, Staff Writer

Snow can be disastrous. It is a very big threat when you have to get to school and the roads are covered. It can go from fun to broken bones and wrecked cars. School should suspend when more than two inches of snow on the west coast and on the east coast school should be out at eight inches. Snow is very slick and wet which can cause car accidents and injuries. Snow can also prevent power, also known as power outages. Power outages can cause no school. Even though snow can be fun it can be a disaster too.

Floods can be disastrous.They can cause damage to the school and everything around it. It can flood the streets which makes it horrible to cross or drive across them. We should cancel school when we have floods because they can prevent people getting where they need to after or before school which makes them stuck. Because we live in a small town floods can come from anywhere and everywhere. Floods can destroy and kill they aren’t something you want to be unprepared for.

Ice it is the definition of disaster. It is the biggest reason school should be canceled. It causes injuries and accidents. It causes deaths. Ice is a result of cold temperature and water. Ice usually occurs when it rains and the temperature is under 30 degrees. We should cancel school when there is ice outside because if we don’t cars will be slipping and sliding all over and will cause accidents. Another reason we should cancel school when there is ice outside is because most schools have stairs or pavement outside which can be iced over and make people fall causing multiple injuries.

School should be canceled when weather gets severe. Snow can be fun and disastrous. Floods can kill and destroy. Ice is the worst of all. Weather can prevent or allow school when severe weather occurs we should not have school.