Why Did They Break Up?

Jaycie Hale, Staff Writer

There are a lot for breakups in the world but the most common reason for people to breakup is bad behavior. Bad behavior could be if you significant other vapes, smokes, drinks, chews, or does ANY type of drug and you do not like your partner doing that kind of stuff. You can ask them not to, but Jaycie Hale most of the time it is the safest choice to just leave that relationship because it is probably going to become unhealthy.
Also another big reason for breakups is cheating. Cheating is when you choose more than one person to be in a relationship with and you don’t tell the other person that you are in a relationship. Many people will breakup with their partner right after they find out they are cheating. Most people will not EVER go back to the person that cheated on them. So if you don’t decide to cheat you can kiss the relationship goodbye.
Also many people breakup after their partner starts to have misdirected anger. Misdirected anger happens when you have a very rough day but instead of taking it out on yourself they take it out on their partner. Many people don’t like it when people are mad at them for no reason so they leave that relationship real fast.
Many people do not like it when their partner is unsupportive, especially when they are stressed. Your partner needs to support you in every way she/he can and needs to be there for you whenever they can.
Many other things that cause people to break up is lying and stealing. If you lie and steal from your partner most likely they are going to leave you because no one wants to have you steal from them or lie about things. The number one thing that people need in a relationship is trust and they can not trust you if you lie and steal.
Many people also breakup if you give up on them or don’t communicate with them how you feel. In a healthy relationship you can communicate because communication is key with many relationships and if you are not communicating how you feel you may give up on your partner. You need to be able to communicate with your partner without it being weird or uncomfortable.
If you and your partner can’t keep a good healthy relationship it is a good idea to take a break or break up completely. You should always get out of an unhealthy relationship so you can’t be hurt anymore. You should also always find away to tell your partner that you are cheating on them if you are. Many people would rather have you tell them that you are cheating then them find out. Make sure that you always know a way out of a relationship in case they are getting too controlling. If your partner ever abuses you you should always report it to the police and probably get out of that relationship.

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