Is Valentine’s Day Good or Bad?

Kaya Heath, Staff Writer

Every time Valentine’s Day comes around you see couples flaunting the fact that they are in a relationship, and single people feeling more lonely than usual. Being single can be sad, especially on Valentine’s Day, but is it all bad? Yes, you are lonely, but you don’t have to buy things, or plan special events for you and your partner. With the money you save from being alone you can buy yourself candy, or something you’ve been wanting. You may feel alone, but the food is better than people.
Being single on Valentine’s can still be boring. You are lonely and probably sad, which will cause you to mope around all day. When you are in a relationship, there’s a chance that you will receive a free activity or free food from your partner, but if you are single you won’t get anything free. There are special dances and events on Valentine’s Day and, if you are single, you can’t participate in them because no one loves you. Being bored on Valentine’s Day is quite unpleasant.
Spending Valentine’s Day single isn’t all bad, you escape a lot of the stigma around Valentine’s Day. Despite being lonely, you don’t have to stress about puting time, or effort into planning events or getting gifts for your partner. Along with not having to stress, you also don’t have to spend money on activities or gifts. Another stigma around Valentine’s Day is that you have to look nice to attend activities and social outings with your partner. By remaining unloved, you don’t have to look good or even get out of your pajamas, provided you don’t have anything to do that day. Being lonely isn’t all that bad,you get to escape a lot of expectations.
Valentines day can make you feel like you are alone, because you are, but it isn’t all that bad. Sure, people flaunt their relationship, but they also stress about it and waste money. You don’t get to attend events, or get free food, but you also don’t have to put effort into your looks. Being single on days designated for people who are in a relationship can make you feel unwanted, but can also save money and time.