Why do married couples call it quits?

Emma Gonzalez, Staff Writer

Divorce. It’s a horrible thing. Whether the couple split with children, or without it’s still painful. Two people who were so desperately in love realize that they either don’t feel the same way, or realize that they are no longer compatible with each other. If two people are going to break a bond that was never meant to be broken, there must be a good reason. Obviously with about 876,000 divorces filed per year (Pfeiffer), there has to be a couple common reasons.
One common reason for divorce are high expectations. People will spend lots of money on the wedding, or the ring, or their new home, or on presents for each other and they don’t want to just throw all that money away. Plus what would everybody else think of them? They were so in love, and that’s how they’re supposed to always be. Pressure is a stressful thing and can deteriorate people and marriages. The truth is that sometimes the reason behind the divorce has always been their, but everybody expected so much from them that they couldn’t just leave. So they dragged it out until there was no love between them at all. In some cases, the two people don’t love each other at all, but get married anyways because they “had to.”
Another reason why people will get a divorce is because they can’t leave each other. Of course when two people get married, they become “one flesh,” but some people take this too literally. They don’t know who they are without their partner, or become very depressed while separated. This is obviously unhealthy. Although they’re married, they should still have their own identities while separated. Power couples are people who are great on their own and stronger when together, but people who are only confident in themselves while together, are in a codependent relationship. Codependent relationships are toxic and won’t make you happy. These relationships are especially hard to get out of because they like being together and miss each other when they’re apart, so naturally they want to stay together. But these relationships will get them nowhere, and they will unconsciously drag each other down.
And then there’s the problem of money. It isn’t necessarily the problem that they don’t make enough money, but how they spend it. Of course, money is the ultimate source of evil, and can cause lots of other problems besides hoe the couple spends their money. But if they are very protective of their money, and one of them only wants to spend their money, and not save any for the future, that will obviously cause problems.
Divorce is a horrible thing, and whether they get divorced because of the high expectations, a codependent relationship, or money it’s still a tragedy.

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