10 Tips for Recovering from a Break-Up

Kaya Heath, Staff Writer

Breakups can be hard, especially emotionally, to recover from. Experts have lots of opinions on how to deal with breakups, but what are the ten most common ways? Everyone has different breakups and deals with them in different ways, even though these might not work for you, experts seem to think these are the answers.
Rearranging your room or parts of your life can give you the feeling of a fresh start, making it seem like you don’t need them, because you don’t need them. It can also remind you that things change and that sometimes change is for the better.
Taking care of yourself is a big way to get over a breakup, I’m not saying you need to jump right back into the swing of things after a break up, but try to get sleep and eat healthy. Being healthy and well rested will make you feel, and look, better ad will help you feel better when you are ready to get back out into the world.
Realising that you can’t change what happened but you can change your outlook on it will help you realize that maybe it was for the better. Sometimes you get so stuck in one mind set that everythhings bad and everyone hates you but that’s never true, you just need to look at it differently
Don’t obsess over the breakup, it will make it harder to move on. If you are always thinking about them, you won’t have time to think of other parts of life.
Try to do something that you would do in day to day life everyday. You don’t have to do everything immediately, but you should try to live your life without them.
Don’t get in contact with your ex, unless you are great friends you don’t need to talk to them. Talking to them will make you feel like you need them to be yourself.
Distracting yourself from the problem may seem like you are ignoring, and in a way you are, but you are also taking your mind off of it and moving on. You can still go on with your day to day life but you prove that you don’t need them.
Jumping into a relationship to fill the space could leave you in a bad, even unsafe situation. Rushing into a relationship could cloud your judgment, and make you prone to being taken advantage of.
Trusting your feelings is one of the most important things you can do. You know how you feel and how you handle things. You know what works for you and what doesn’t, you also know how to stop yourself from making bad decisions.