Women’s Basketball March Madness: Who Has the Best Odds?

Maelee Calvert, Staff Writer

Baylor has the best odds of winning. They are right in front of Oregon. Oregon has only lost once. They have 4 NCAA national championships in their head coach Kim Mulkey. Kim Mulkey has only won two of the championships with baylor though.

Kim Mulkey has won 20 games in a year and 10 games in a season in her coaching career. This is a pretty good career for her.She was the first one in organized basketball to play with boys basketball. She was the first person to win a NCAA national championship as a player. Her salary is 2.i million dollars in a year. She was diagnosed with bell’s palsy when she was playing. Kim is the third one in NCAA history to win 3 national championships.

Baylor has a winning streak of 13. They also have a overall score of 20-0. Their conference final is 9-0. The steak at home is 13-0. They lost to South Carolina, but they have won against everyone else that they have played.

They have a good roster this year. Not all of their players are in the same year so they have a mixed team. Most of their girls are tall and they have a lot of different positions.