All About Gum

Maelee Calvert, Staff Writer

Gum is very addicting. Everyone has it and knows what it is. Gum helps your starvation go away or keep it maintained. This way it will help you stay focused on what you are doing. 5 billion dollars worth of gum is sold a year. 374 billion pieces of gum are sold worldwide every year.

Gum is made up of parts of a tree. It is soluble in water, but when it is made it is hard and dry. They add the flavor to the stick of gum when they make it. They have really learned how to keep people entertained and chewing on flavorful pieces of trees.

It helps you by keeping you from eating though the day when you are not supposed to. When you are chewing gum it tricks your brain. Your brain thinks you are chewing up food to swallow, but then it doesn’t come. Your brain does not tell your stomach that it is not coming, so the stomach has to wait for something to come down. Gum helps you produce more saliva. The saliva gets the acid out of your mouth when you break your own food. When you chew gum after eating a meal it will help you not have food sitting in the crown of the tooth to get a cavity.

If you are always stressed or have anxiety then you will need to have gum with you all the time. When you have gum in your mouth that you are chewing it will help you restrain stress and help you feel relaxed. It even helps you burn calories. Also it gives you a way more healthy smile and teeth. It will improve your memory because you are already doing something to entertain while you write something down on your paper or on something.

You know how there are the diffusers that put scents out into your house that helps it smell better. Gum is basically the same way because it helps you calm down. The scents that some gum have help you throughout the day to relax and pay attention to things better so you are understanding it better.

Everyone has gum to help them with certain things. Some people might have different opinions on gum. They might think that it does not help you, or that it is not good for you. Some people might not like it, but when they realize that it helps you with your daily life they will like it even more.

Gum is some people’s life. Some people chew on it all day because they are trying to lose weight or trying to get fit to play. They might do something that involves fitness or a workout. People might have different ways of making them healthy or losing weight.