Is It Real

Emily Hanson, staff writer

It was a dark and gloomy afternoon. The clouds covered the dull sun. The rain came down hard. Lightning ripped across the sky. The sound of thunder shook the ground.

As the girl looked out the window, she thought of yesterday. She thought about the nightmares. For all she knew, it could have been real. She had to wait until after school to find out though.

She blinked for a second and when she opened her eyes again everyone was gone. School was over for the day. She walked home in the ragging storm. Walking faster and faster every second. It felt as if she were in a dream. Then, all of a sudden, she felt nothing. What had happened? No sound could be heard and her vision was fading.

Soon she saw nothing and her heart beat was gone. The last sentence she heard was, “we’re losing her.” Then she heard nothing. She felt nothing. She was no more.

Thump thump thump, “she’s back.” The girl’s heart beat was back. She took a deep breath and she could see again.

A few hours later her eyes opened. All she saw was white. Then things became clear. She was in a hospital bed. “Katie you’re alive,” a woman said sounding relived. The woman was her mother, Crystal.

Katie tried to sit up but she couldn’t. She was too weak. She couldn’t think either. Whatever happened was like a nightmare and she needed sleep knowing everything was ok.

When Katie woke up again a few hours later her mother was still in the room. “Mom, what happened?” Katie said.

“We got in a car accident,” Crystal said, “The driver hit your side and you were crushed.”

“Is daddy and Brenann ok?” Said Katie.

“Yes they are at home. They were here all last night. After they heard you were ok and were just resting they went home to sleep. They will be back around one.” Crystal said.

Katie looked over at the clock. It read 10:37. The nurse brought her some food and Katie thought she recognized her. Then Katie realized it was her aunt Vallisa. Vallisa told Crystal she had to go tend to some other patients but she would be back soon to talk.

When she did come back they talked all about old memories and Katie felt better but the next thing Vallisa was about to say Katie was not ready for.

“Katie, when you got hit your heart got damaged and we had to replace it.” Vallisa took a short pause then said, “The heart came from your friend Sydaye. She was killed in the accident.”

Katie started to cry. Tears rolled down her face one after another. She had just remembered Sydaye was going to spend the night at her house. Now Sydaye was gone. Katie lost her best friend in the whole world. Now her world had died. Along with it part of her heart died too.

The next few days Sydaye was the only thing Katie thought about. When she got out of the hospital she went over to Sydaye’s parent’s house. Katie talked to Sydaye’s parents for a very long time and shared old memories with them.

A couple of days later Katie went to Sydaye’s funeral. The pressure of losing a friend was too much for Katie to handle. Katie left the funeral as soon as it was over. She rode her bike all the way to the secret hiding place that Katie and Sydaye shared. When Katie arrived, she went through all of Sydaye’s old things and remembered the amazing things they did together.

A few hours later Katie went to Sydaye’s burial and Katie broke down into tears. Sydaye’s parents came over and comforted Katie.

“It will be ok Katie, Sydaye will be in heaven waiting for you to come up and make more memories with her. She will always be with you. Just know we will always be here if you need to talk.” Said Jessica (Katie’s Mom).

“Thanks, I just don’t want to live in a world without my best friend.” Said Katie.

“I understand.” Said Jessica, “When I was in 6th grade I lost a good friend also. She was not my best friend but we hung out a lot. Her name was Jaida Longsting. She was an amazing and talented girl. I cried for days, but it really helped to talk to her parents. So I know how you’re feeling. We feel the same thing now also.”

“Oh.” Said Katie. She took a short pause and then said, “Thank you.”

“Ok, now go home and get some rest it will help get your mind off it for a while.” Said Jessica.

“Ok bye,” Katie said as she left.

The next day Katie woke up smiling. In her dream she had seen Sydaye again and they hung out all night. Katie went to grab her phone to text Jessica and relized there was something written on her hand. She looked at it and it said: The dream was real. I’m watching over and protecting you. –Sydaye

Katie sat up and looked around the room. Then she grabbed her phone and immediately called Jessica. Katie told Jessica all about the dream and the note. Jessica told Katie to come over to her house right away.

Once Katie got to Jessica’s House Katie explained how she knew it was Sydaye. Sydaye always did a cute flower on the end of her y’s. Jessica took Katie to Sydaye’s room and showed her a notebook she had found.

The notebook had things that Sydaye had wrote. The notebook looked like a diary but all the dates for the diary were future dates. Sydaye wrote everything that was going to happen that day. So far all the days, starting with her death, had come true.

Katie took home the notebook and read the rest of it. The last date in the notebook ended in the middle of a sentence. Katie was confused. Why would Katie end the entry there?

Katie only had to wait three months to find out what would happen. In the meantime Katie followed the journal. She did exactly what Sydaye said to do and Katie couldn’t wait till the day nothing was written so she knew what would happen.

Two weeks after Katie got the journal Sydaye came to her dream again. Katie asked about the notebook but Sydaye didn’t tell her anything about it. When Katie woke up she looked at her hand but there was no note. Then she felt a sharp pain in her ankle. When she looked down, there was a note. This note read: I can’t tell you anything about the notebook until my return.

In the notebook Katie wrote: Sydaye’s Return? On the page where Sydaye had not finished her sentence. Katie was unsure of what the sentence was supposed to say but she couldn’t wait for Sydaye to come back.

The next day Katie looked at the notebook and it said something that had not been there the previous day. It said: She came but was not seen. Katie wondered what that meant. Maybe Sydaye was coming back today but Katie wouldn’t know.

A few hours later Crystal called Katie down to eat lunch. When Katie came down the stairs there was a surprise visitor. Katie had no clue who it was. When the visitor introduced herself Katie was suspicious.

“Hi My name is Rain Skydawl.” Rain said “I just moved to this city but I used to be friends with Sydaye.”

“Oh,” Katie said. She thought maybe Sydaye was Rain but she wasn’t sure.

“Before Sydaye died she told me to tell you if she ever died she would always be near. She also said ooba lee kasha.” Said Rain

How could Rain know me and Sydaye’s secret language? Katie thought.

“I would love to stay for lunch but I have to go meet with my mom.” Rain Said.

“Ok, maybe tomorrow.” Said Crystal.

“Yeah, maybe.” Said Rain.

As soon as Rain was out the door Katie ran straight up to her room. She looked at the notebook and the text from that morning was gone. Katie knew Rain was Sydaye.

“Are you ok Katie?” Crystal said as Katie headed back down stairs.

“Um,” Katie took a short pause. “Why was Rain here?”

“Oh, she knocked on our door and said she needed to see you.” Crystal said.

“I knew it.” Katie mumbled.

“What was that sweetie?” Crystal Said.

“Nothing mom.” Said Katie. “Can I go to the park wear Sydaye and I hung out at.”

“Of course you can, anytime you want to.” Said Crystal.

Katie ran out of the door as fast as she could. She hopped on her bike and rode all the way to S.E.A. Park. When Katie got to the park she went straight to her secret place. Sitting in Sydaye’s favorite spot was Rain.

“Sydaye,” Katie said

“Katie I miss you so much but please call me Rain.” Rain said.

“But why didn’t you tell me that the wreck was going to happen, you knew.” Katie said.

“I know the future but I can’t stop things from happening. I also can’t tell anyone about it. That’s I wrote it all down, so you knew. I don’t want to leave you but I have to. There is just no way I can stay here. I’m sorry Katie.” Said Rain.

Katie started to cry. She hugged Rain and didn’t want to let go. Once Katie did let go of Rain, Rain started to disappear. Katie cried so much as she watched Rain go back to heaven.

When Katie got home Crystal immediately hugged Katie. Crystal had read the notebook Katie dropped and knew exactly what just happened. Katie went to her room and Crystal stayed with Katie until she fell asleep.

The next day Katie stayed in bed all day. Crystal brought Katie food but Katie barely ate any of it. Crystal did not want Katie to go through this so Crystal started thinking of ways she could take Katie somewhere fun.

That night Crystal announced to Katie that they were taking a trip to Roller Mania. Roller Mania is a roller coaster park that Katie has dreamed of going to for a very long time. Katie was so excited but she would have liked to take Sydaye with