Donald J. Trump vs. Hillary Clinton

Candidates are neck and neck in polls

Abner Kennerly, Staff Writer

The current polls for September 2016 election are very close in almost every poll reliable out right now.

According to CNN’s polls Hillary has a 46% lead over Donald Trump’s 41%. Like I said, they are very close and will most likely change during October if more emails or health records are released about Hillary.

I couldn’t find an exact percent on Fox News, but I found an article posted hours before I started to write. It said Trump was beating Hillary by 5 points because she lost a lead in Ohio, which means Trump is in the lead according to Fox News.

The election is very close now, and it seems that the polls are going to change, and it might be in Trumps favor but, for now, it’s too close to call.


***The polling data mentioned in the above article is from September 16, 2016.