Clown Sightings

Kayti Cox, Staff Writer

The scary clown sightings that began in South Carolina and spread across the country have found their way to Oregon. There was one in Central Oregon when a women in Redmond said she saw a person wearing a creepy clown mask with painted blue teeth. Then there was another clown sighting near O’Bryant Square in Portland on Friday afternoon when a guy wearing all black with a silver clown mask approached a ladies car. She said the clown came up to her and started banging on her windows and trying to get in her car, so she sped up and called the police. In Alabama, a 10-year-old boy was arrested for making clown threats.

The clowns have been out of control and we need to make a stop to this. Clowns have been threating schools and teachers. Authorities say to stay away from train tracks and woody areas. They also say to lock all of your windows and doors at night and stay inside at night. Philadelphia School District reported that police were investigating threats made by creepy clowns on social media. The Spring Independent School District in Texas issued a security statement overnight due to new clown threat made online.

On September 4, there was a report that a clown was trying to lure children into the woods in a Winston-Salem area. On Sept. 20, a Facebook page was created (it has since been taken down) fueling fears in Georgia. The page said clowns would be driving to local elementary, middle and high schools to abduct children. In conclusion keep your children safe, don’t let them out at dark, and make sure not to walk around after dark, by woods or by train tracks. Clowns are scary, and out of control, make sure to take precautions.