Emily Hanson, Staff Writer

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Bratayley is a family YouTube channel. The parents Katie and Billy vlog their kids Annie and Hayley most of the time, but sometimes they are in the vlogs too. Annie and Hayley are both gymnasts so a lot of the vlogs you see them at the gym or on the trampoline. Their son/brother Caleb died October 1st 2015 at the age of 13. The family celebrates life every day and they are thankful for the time they had with Caleb. The Bratayley family travels a lot whether it’s for gymnastics, meet and greats, YouTube conventions or other things.

Annie is a level 8 gymnast working toward level 9. She was born on December 5th, 2004 and is 11 years old. Annie is part of “The Coral Girls” which is her gymnastics team. The Coral Girls have a YouTube channel also called Gymscool where the film their practices, competitions and other fun field trips they go on.

Hayley is a level 3 gymnast. She was born on September 2nd, 2008. The channel was originally made for her but later turned into a family channel. Hayley loves gymnastics but a year or two ago she was going to quit but she got some encouragement from Annie to keep doing it. Not long after she moved up to level 2 and started competing and just last month Hayley moved up to level 3.

Bratayley is a very fun channel to watch. You get to watch them do fun things and go to fun places. Also when watching them you really get to learn from them and you get to know them well. Bratayley is one of my favorite channels to watch and one of the first channels I have ever watched.

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