Lee Joon Ki

Micah Pelobello, Staff Writer

Lee Joon Ki is a South Korean actor, from Busan, South Korea. You can spell his name in different ways like “Lee Jun Ki,” “Lee Joon Gi,” or “Lee Jun Gi,” they usually spell his name “Lee Jun Ki.” He was born on April 17, 1982, making him 34-year-old international age, he made his first major acting role in 2005, with the movie The King of the Clown.  Joon Ki is a talented actor in many aspects. He can sing, dance, act, and he’s also a tourism ambassadorship. He has released an album called J Style. He first wanted to start acting when he first saw Shakespeare’s Hamlet. It started out with him in 2001 as a model for a brand name So Basic. He had appeared in various commercials and music videos, before he actually became an actor.

lee-joon-ki-2His first acting role was back in 2004, and he was in a drama called Star’s Echo. Joon Ki landed a role in a Japanese the movie The Hotel Venus. He later on got a role in his first Korean Movie Flying Boys, in 2004. About a year after that, he landed a role as Gong-gi in the film The King of the Clown. It was an unusual historical film, about two male clowns auditioning for something. It was his most popular movie, it had about 12.3 million tickets sold, but his fame didn’t stop there. He had starred in a drama called My Girl, making him become a “flower boy” icon and one of the most popular actors in Asia.

On May 3, 2010 he was enlisted to military service. At the time he was filming a drama called Faith, and requested to postpone, but they declined the offer. The actor who replaced him the drama was Lee Min Ho, another actor. He was discharged on February 16, 2012, and decided to hold a fan meeting for his second album in Nagoya, Yokohama, and Osaka Japan, on March 16 through 19.  After having been to the military, he got cast casted as the main role in many movies and dramas.

lee-joon-ki-3Joon Ki has recently starred in a Chinese Movie Never Said Goodbye. It’s a heartbreaking story about love and lies. He is also in the American Movie Resident Evil: The Final Chapter, he portrays the character of Commander Lee, the movie will be released in January 27, 2017. Joon Ki’s recent drama is Scarlet Heart: Ryeo, in this drama he plays the role Wang So the 4th prince. He stars in this drama with another actor name Kang Ha Neul and a famous singer, IU. The drama aired in August 29, 2016, the drama has exactly 20 episodes. I hope that you will have some time to watch him in Scarlet Heart: Ryeo.