Suicide Squad

Jayden Elliott, Staff Writer

The Suicide Squad is a really good movie but fair warning it is PG-13. I would give the movie four out of five stars. The creator of the suicide squad is David Ayer, it also came out on August 1st 2016. The movie has many bad guys in it like, Harley Quinn, The Joker, Dead Shot, Killer Crock, Diablo, Katana, Boomerang, and last but not least Enchantress. The movie is about all the bad guys and good guys coming together to defeat the might witch herself Enchantress, and her brother.

The suicide squad as they call themselves, have to be good or they get their head blown off, because before they came to the place where all the bad guys were they had a chip installed in their necks. The chip with a push of a button will blow up your head if you are bad, so that’s why the good people did that, well because they are bad guys I mean really are you going to trust them. The suicide squad didn’t know that Harley Quinn and The Joker had a plan and let’s just say that it was a bad idea. Harley Quinn has had a phone that she snuck around to text the Joker.

The movie has a lot of views like a lot and a lot of people liked the movie including me I like the suicide squad because all the action and a little bit of romance. Harley Quinn and the Joker are obviously in a relationship, it’s not a good one, but personally I think it’s so cute. I really want to encourage you guys and girls to watch the suicide squad because it is a really good movie I think.

Like I said before the Suicide Squad is rated PG-13 so it’s good for teenagers and adults. It also has a lot of action so for people that like a lot of action this will be great for you. The director is David Ayer, and the first place it came out in was New York City USA. All of you go right now go and watch the action packed movie, The Suicide Squad.