Haters Back Off

Emily Hanson, Staff Writer

Colleen Ballinger, A.K.A Miranda Sings, made a Netflix original series called Haters Back Off. The show is about Miranda Sings from her first video up to her fame now. Haters Back Off was released on October 14th, 2016. So far, there are 8 episodes of season one. Colleen is planning on making a second season, but they still have to write, film and edit. In December 2016, Colleen announced they were approved for a second season.
The main characters are Miranda Sings, Bethany, Uncle Jim, Emily, and Patrick. Miranda Sings is played by Colleen Ballinger. Bethany is played by Angela Kinsey. Uncle Jim is played by Steve Little. Patrick is played by Erik Stocklin. Emily is played by Francesca Reale.
The show takes you on an emotional roller coaster through Miranda’s life. The first season ends on a cliff hanger, and no one will know what happens until season two comes out at the end of 2017.