The RMS Titanic and Its Sisters

Octavian Kress, Staff Writer

The R.M.S Titanic was the biggest ship made in the hands of mankind and then sank on her maiden voyage in the early morning of April 15th 1912. After hitting an iceberg at 11:09 on April 14th 1912. Her architect Thomas Andrews died along with Captain Edward Smith and 1500 or more people who went down with the Titanic. Titanic was the ship of dreams and was said to be unsinkable and that god himself could not sink her. Titanic was built in Belfast, Europe and left Southampton. Passengers from all over Europe and Asia came too board her. Titanic was a grand ship it had sisters called RMS Olympic, HMHS Britannic, RMS Lusitania, RMS Mauretania, and more. All her sisters were huge, but the biggest were the Titanic and the Olympic, which were twin sister ships; they both looked alike.
More than 2,224 people boarded the Titanic on its maiden voyage. On the night of April 14th 1912, the Titanic struck an iceberg in the middle of the North Atlantic and sank within 2 hours and 40 minutes. It went down by the bow lifting the stern up and with the stern rising it couldn’t hold up, so it split in two. The bow then went to the bottom and the stern bobbed there on the water like a cork. Finally, it then went down and tore apart into pieces. Then she was gone.
The HMHS Britannic sank from an underwater navel mine to the starboard side on the bow and sank within 44 minutes still running the engines never stopped so as she moved she still sank. Britannic was to be a medic ship/ transatlantic passenger liner and was operated by Charles Alfred Bartlett the captain of the Britannic. She went down in a tragic way sinking faster and faster underwater on the Kea Channel off the Greek island of Kea, killing 30 people.
RMS Olympic was a transatlantic ocean liner, also a grand ship in service from 1911 to 1935 and was scrapped. She rammed into the HMS Hawke leaving a huge hole in the Olympic but she didn’t sink only some water made its way into her but she could have sank but the hole was way above water. She cost about 7.5million to build and was 400 yards long that’s four football fields. But in 1934 she was bought by the Owner of Cunard White Star Line Logo.JPG Cunard White Star Line 1934–1935 and then was scrapped.
In conclusion Titanic, Britannic, and the Olympic were the largest transatlantic ocean liners. But, only two sank and one was scrapped never to have been seen for years and each event that happened was worse than the other. Titanic shall never be forgotten same with the Britannic and Olympic. Each ship was grand and great gone forever.