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Why We Should Wear Uniforms

Kayti Cox, Staff Writer

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I think we should wear school uniforms. For one people make fun of kid’s outfits and how much they cost. Another one if kids are wearing the same outfit as you they can’t make fun of your outfit. Also kids won’t be able to be dress coded if they are wearing what the school provided. Also school uniforms would be a good idea because they don’t cost a lot and kids will always have school clothes.
If we wore school uniforms I believe it would become a better environment for students. There will be less bullying and parents that don’t have lots of money it will help out the parents and students. If we wear uniforms kids will be able to feel more comfortable because they can “fit” in.
Also kids will get to school on time and not have to pick out outfits. No one made fun of what you’re wearing because they were wearing the same thing. But some bad things about school uniforms.
Kids will make fun of you for the way you look in the uniform. Also if you don’t feel comfortable in your normal clothes then you probably won’t feel comfortable in the school uniforms. Also if you ever fell down and you were wearing a skirt then everyone could see up your skirt.

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Why We Should Wear Uniforms