The Warrior

Maximum Ride Review

Tammy Farrer, Staff Writer

April 15, 2019

In Maximum Ride Angel Experiment written by James Patterson published by Little Brown. They are running from the animals sent from the school. The school is a lab where they make impossible things like angels. Max who is very...

Will the Bog Noblins Take Over

Chloe Bock, Staff Writer

April 15, 2019

The Luck Uglies is a fantasy fiction book by Paul Durham. In this book you will find that it is filled with adventure from page one, I was hooked when Riley O’ Chanter and her best friends Folly Flood and Quinn Quartermast jump...

The Honest Truth Book Review

Aurora Stanton, Staff Writer

April 15, 2019

The Honest Truth is a realistic fiction book by Dan Gemeinhart an author of many books such as, Some Kind Of Courage, Good Dog, Scar Island. This book was published by Scholastic on January 27, 2015. In this book Mark, a...

Secret Midnight Press

Sabrina Bargenoe, Staff Writer

January 30, 2017

Secret Midnight Press is a company ran by Ashley Dun and Jesse Cale. They are both authors of brand new books. Ashley's being called Smoke Signals and Jesse's being Mentha Spicata el Corazon! The books are meant for anyone. They have been written t...


November 7, 2016

Divergent Book Review

November 7, 2016

October 7, 2016

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